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This page shows a series of paintings inspired by a visit to the Midmar Allotments in Edinburgh one Sunday morning in January. It was an extremely cold morning with much overnight frost still encrusting the ground as the sun rose in a clear sky, spreading light, warmth and promise for a new year of growth.

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 'From Darkness into Light' 
Watercolour – 26x48cms

 'Golden Morning with Fleece' 
Watercolour – 27x34cms

 'The Brick Path' 
Watercolour – 34x51cms

 'Towards Blackford Pond' 
Watercolour – 37x40cms 

Watercolour – 37x43cms

 'Poly-House and Plastic Bottles' 
Watercolour – 35x38cms

 'Clothed in Yellow' 
Watercolour – 35x42cms 

 'Frosted Grass with Fence' 
Watercolour – 27x33cms

 '6 Poles Standing' 
Watercolour – 32x48cms

 'Screened from View' 
Watercolour – 34x40cms

Watercolour – 38x20cms

 'Working on Different Levels' 
Watercolour – 26x285cms

All paintings represented are priced from £200 to £350, inclusive of glazed framing. 
Contact George at for a price list or further details of particular works.

A red dot (  ) against any work above indicates it is sold.
All dimensions given are of the painting only and are approximate.

(All images copyright of gacockburn  ©)