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 'Winter Gardens, Greenbank' 
Watercolour – 31x49cms

 'Snow View 1. from Studio' 
Watercolour – 20x31cms
 'Late Snow, Early Spring, Greenbank' 
Watercolour – 34x50cms

 'Snow View 2. from Studio'  
Watercolour – 19x29cms

 'Winter Garden Blues, Greenbank' 
Watercolour – 39x46cms


 'Spring Greens and Snow Whites, Greenbank' 
Watercolour – 20x34cms
 'Low Winter Sun, Polwarth' 
Watercolour – 19x28cms
 'Autumn Long Gone, Polwarth' 
Watercolour – 35x50cms  
 'Warm Glow on a Cold Day, Polwarth' 
Watercolour – 19x28cms

All paintings represented are priced from £180 to £400, inclusive of glazed framing.
Contact George at for a price list or further details of particular works.

A red dot (  ) against any work above indicates it is sold.
All dimensions given are of the painting only and are approximate.

(All images copyright of gacockburn  ©)